Good News!  Good News!  Finally, we have a firing range.  I apologize for all of the delays.  With the weather and red tape, now we have a place to go shoot.  It is located near the end of Interstate Lane in Lenoir City.  All members be sure to stop by the Justice Center or get in touch with us to get a key for the gate, as the area will be gated off to help control unauthorized access.  You will also need to sign a waiver form and get a copy of the rules and regulations for the range.  These rules will be enforced.  Also remember that while on the property shooting, you must have your current F.O.P. membership card, or you will be asked to leave.  Please do not leave any trash at the range.  Keep it clean, so we can all enjoy it.  The property owner can shut it down if it gets to be like the old range.

President Mark Tinnel

Fraternal Order of Police
Fort Loudoun Area Lodge # 21
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Welcome to the new official web site for the Fraternal Order of Police, Fort Loudoun Area Lodge #21.  We are a non-profit organization made up of law enforcement officers from the Loudon County, TN community. 

F.O.P. Lodge 21
12680 Hwy. 11 West
Lenoir City, TN 37771

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